Transgender Health Network

In February 2011, three psychologists began meeting with the intention of forming a network of health care professionals specifically focused on increasing and improving health care services to trans-identified and gender expansive individuals in our community.  The first open meeting of the Transgender Health Network (T-Net) occurred in August 2011 and since that time, T-Net has grown to include physicians, psychiatrists, social workers, a nurse, and additional psychologists, many from numerous health care settings.  This website is designed to share the most recent list of trans-friendly providers in our network.  We hope you find it useful. You can visit the T-Net website by clicking here.

Safe Binding

What is binding?

Chest binding is a common step in FTM transformation. “Binding” is a reference to flattening breast tissue to create a more male-appearing chest. This is achieved through a variety of methods with many different materials. While binding with common household items can be an inexpensive route, it can also be unsafe. NEVER bind with duct tape or an Ace bandage!

Instead, please consult with the following websites for tips on binding.

You can also shop for binding materials at the following retailers online:

gc2b Transitional Apparel

Peecock Products

Chest Binders by Underworks

Flavnt Streetwear

Can’t afford a binder? Visit The Center Project Clothing Closet for assistance!

Breast Forms

Do it Yourself Breast Forms

1. Purchase invisible silicone bra (can find at Walmart)
2. Purchase silicone cup size filler (can find at Walmart)
3. Place silicone filler into silicone bra

*works best for people with smaller frames

Breast Forms for Purchase:

The Breast Form Store