InsideOUT 11/15/12: One Mizzou

It’s One Mizzou Week here on campus, and we brought on some of the leaders of the One Mizzou Student Task Force. Listen in to learn more. Also, we debated sweet potato styles and colors.


PDF Transcription
One Mizzou


That’s a purple sweet potato right there folks.

And the stuff in turkey that makes you want to nap: tryptophan. Thanks to glorious feminist activist educator Joe for reminding us of that one.

Resources discussed on this week’s show:
One Mizzou –
Legion of Black Collegians (LBC) – – on facebook: and twitter:
Residence Halls Association (RHA) –
RSVP (Relationship & Sexual Violence Prevention) Center –
Diversity Peer Educators –
Women’s Center –
Dept. of Student Life –
Our very own Student Orgs
And the most fabulous Auntie Dr. Maya Angelou – her official website, and “A Brave and Startling Truth” the poem she ended with on Monday night