InsideOUT 11/22/12: (Surviving) Thanksgiving Tips

This week on the show, we discussed mostly how to stay positive and true to yourself when back around your family of origin. Don’t forget we love you and are proud to be your family here at Mizzou. And beyond!

PDF Transcription
Surviving Thanksgiving
Resources discussed on this week’s show:
Harvey Milk speech we played on the show: 
(The same excerpt of Harvey Milk’s speech, but with word graphics:
“The Times of Harvey Milk” Harvey Milk’s documentary:
“Milk” a feature-length film based on Harvey Milk’s life:
(As a point of clarification, I believe on the show we said that Harvey Milk was the first openly gay person to be elected to city council… It wasn’t city council. He won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Elections. He WAS the first openly gay elected official. More on Harvey Milk:
The Trevor Project: – with online chat at 24/7 hotline: 1.866.4.U.TREVOR (1.866.488.7386)
The HopeLine: 1.800.442.HOPE (4673) and with Postsecret and To Write Love on Her Arms, they just launched an online chat:
MU Counseling Center:, 573.882.6601 (M-F, 8-5) 
I Hate the Holidays: Why Sometimes This Isn’t the Best Time of the Year
Thursday, 12/6, 12:30 – 2:30, in our lounge (G225 MUSC)



And finally, dear listeners, a note on a rather large subject and issue when it comes to Thanksgiving (and most other holidays) that we didn’t discuss on the show: eating. We recognize and acknowledge that many of our culture’s holidays and celebrations, especially Thanksgiving, are centered around eating, and for those of us with eating concerns, eating disorders, disordered eating, body shame, low body image and self-esteem, and so much more, this can also be a terribly trying time of year. Know that even though we didn’t discuss it on this show, we love you. We support you through this. Whatever you’ve done or are doing, we support you. We believe you to be doing your best, and are proud of you. If you want to strengthen your eating habits, how you perceive your body and self, talk about it, or get any help or support, there is help available. You are not alone in feeling this way or with your struggles. There is help available. And while it will probably be long and hard, you can do it. You can feel better. You are strong. Please see to start to find resources. And of course, our trusty MU Counseling Center and Student Health Center are always here to help you.