InsideOUT 12/6/12: Technical Difficulties

Oh Dearest Listeners,

This week we discussed Study Tips and our “I Hate the Holidays” program and how it went. (Which was wonderfully.) Unfortunately, as you may have been able to guess from the confused unicorn pic, we had some technical difficulties and our podcast didn’t happen. DJ Shane and DJ Discovery (who’s thinking about changing their name to DJ Dictionary) take full responsibility.

In lieu of the show, we humbly offer up to you some random links (videos) that we hope will keep us in your good graces, despite having made this rather large mistake. We love you. Good luck with finals. We’re going to miss you. Please forgive us.

InsideOUT will be happening over Winter Break! Hooray!

Ellen DeGeneres and Michelle Obama doing a push-up contest:

How To Be Alone:

Friends Bloopers:

Behind the Smiles (Trigger Warning: references to self-injury, suicide):

Jon Stewart’s “War on Christmas”–friendly-fire-edition

Coming Out, Chapter 1 – by Hannah Hart (“My Drunk Kitchen):

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake History of Rap:

Messi – 86 goals in 2012 (new record):