InsideOUT 7/17/13: Picking Counseling Psych

This week on InsideOUT, DJ Responsibility – a Doctoral Graduate in Counseling Psychology as of NEXT WEEK! – shares with us how she made large academic decisions in her life.

We discuss Masters v. PhD v. Masters with PhD; PhD v. PsyD; Counseling v. Clinical v. Social Work; the importance of which specific program you choose; what works she wants to do; the importance of self-care in helping professions; and her fascinating dissertation about naming practices and how big of an impact our name has on our identity(ies). Listen in!


MU Counseling Center

Women’s Center

RSVP Center

While picking a program, remember: what’s the accreditation?! What are the licensure requirements for the state where you want to work and live? Ask your potential placement about their internship match-rate.

“You are your instrument.” – DJ Responsibility

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