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Looking for an interview for a paper or story? Please fill out the following form and we’ll get back to you.

We’ve implemented this form in order to streamline the information for the amount of media and interview requests we receive.

If you have Q’s or concerns as a journalist on how to accurately and respectfully cover LGBTQ issues, please refer to
MU LGBTQ also offers Safe Space training to provide more info.

Please note:
– Filling out this form does not guarantee me an interview
– The sooner I turn in this form, the better my chances of getting an interview
– I will only fill out this form once per interview
– Asking someone for an interview on their personal identities and experiences – often which are the source of mistreatment in the world – is a risk and entirely dependent on that person volunteering their free time and trusting me with some stories of their life

You can access the form by clicking here.