[sh]out is what you make it!

Now on its third incarnation, [sh]out takes on zines!

Got something to say? Something to share? Something cool you saw you’d like to see in print? SUBMIT IT! shout@missouri.edu.

Stay tuned to our twitter @mulgbtq #shoutzine, and our facebook to hear about themed issues and specific submission calls. #shoutzine

This Fall, we’re putting out our first [sh]out zines, so make sure to send us feedback/ideas/work/poetry/short stories/rants/drawings/proposals/jokes/photos/letters/questions/conundrums/upcoming events/shout outs, etc.                                                                                                                            Remember -[sh]out is what we make it!

Ummm, what’s a zine? What do they look like?

Looking for inspiration? MU LGBTQ currently subscribes to Original Plumbing, a quartlerly zine on transmasculinity; and the Women’s Center has an amazing zine collection you can (and should) check out.