Training and Outreach

Safe Space Training

Learn to be a resource for LGBTQ and ally students, staff and faculty. Safe Space is a training designed to give you the tools and knowledge you need to be an effective ally.

Our Safe Space program is meant to teach the basics of LGBTQ identities and culture through definitions, terminology, and an overview of current cultural, social, and political issues, activities, and plenty of time for question and answer.

Safe Space trainings can be requested for your group or organization (any 10 or more of you) by filling out the form below. Email with questions.

To request a Safe Space Training, please fill out our form on OrgSync by clicking here.


OutReach Panels

Studies have shown that the best way to combat homophobia is through personal connections. Our OUTreach panels offer opportunities to hear from (and be) panelists from our Mizzou community.


OUTreach panels consist of about four panelists sharing nothing other than their personal stories. Each panelist will share what coming out meant to them – each panelist coming out with their own identity, as varied and unique as each of our lives: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, ally, and so much more. After the initial introductions, panelists open the floor to questions. All questions are accepted. Panelists do reserve the right to not answer any questions if they so choose. There is an assumption of good will at all times in the room: if someone asks a question, it’s with the intent to learn.

To request a panel, please fill out our form on OrgSync by clicking here.


Can you talk about yourself? You can be a panelist! Be a part of educating your campus by telling your stories. Panelists go through an informal one hour training to learn the basics, and then attend any panels they are available for and interested in. You are not expected to be an expert on the LGBTQ community, just to be honest about the experiences you’ve had. Common questions include issues surrounding coming out, relationships, families, hobbies, community, and religion.

We’re looking for panelists of all identities, ages, majors, and hometowns; undergrads, grads, faculty, staff, alumni and community; all races, cultures, religions, classes, and abilities; we want you, and to hear your stories.

Interested? To be a panelist, email