Safe Space at Mizzou


About the Program 

Become a resource for LGBTQ  students, staff and faculty!

*Safe Space requests are currently on pause. We will be accepting them next semester. Thank you for your understanding*

The University of Missouri is dedicated to increasing access, awareness, and competency for all of our tigers, including our LGBTQ faculty, staff, and students. Safe Space is Mizzou’s training program designed to educate our campus communities on LGBTQ identities and culture through a variety of different learning modalities. All trainings include definitions, terminology, and an overview of current cultural, social, and political issues, and they all have interactive activities and plenty of time for a Q&A session.

Training Services Offered

  • For Students: For student organizations, courses, and teams, the Safe Space team offers a Foundational Concepts training. In this training, audience members will learn foundational terminology, develop an understanding of the differences between sex and gender, participate in an identity-building activity, and explore ways to be allies in their daily lives.
  • For Faculty, Staff, and Professional Students (such as graduate students, medical students, pre-service educators, etc.): For professionals on campus, the Safe Space team offers an Advanced Concepts training. In these personalized trainings, audience members will receive an abbreviated refresher of the Foundational Concepts training while reserving significant time for practical application in the field relevant for the audience. In this training, you can expect a combination of general information as well as highly-tailored considerations for your unique discipline.
  • For programs, policies, and protocols: For system- and institution-level programs, policies, and protocols, the Safe Space team offers individualized consultation services. In these sessions, you will be able to meet one-on-one (or, with your team!) with a Safe Space consultant to brainstorm solutions to any needs you may have related to incorporating inclusive language, events, policies, or other unique needs you, your team, or your office may have.