Going Home for Break

The following is from a handout provided by the MU Counseling Center:

When Going Home is Challenging…

Sometimes heading home for break feels stressful or emotionally unsafe. Here are a few ways you can take care of yourself.

    • Take breaks from difficult family members. (Take a walk, go out with safe friends…)
    • Stay in touch with safe friends and family by text, social media, or phone.
    • Say no when you need to.
    • Stick to your values.
    • Listen to music, watch movies, or read books that feel great.
    • Use apps such as www.calm.com to help you relax and feel more grounded.
    • Be kind to yourself and others.
    • Do things that help you feel safe & happy.
    • Avoid alcohol and other drugs, these can fuel topics that are already tense.
    • If it’s too much, call us (the Counseling Center) at 573-882-6601.